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Sprent AB is a company with the mission of making it easy for companies to find accommodation. We specialize in finding housing of quality no matter how small or big the request is. We offer both long and short term accommodation worldwide. Our team speaks English and Swedish.

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We know how important it is to have good support and we always offer personal service to all Sprent customers.


We focus on offering quality services to provide the best customer experiences.


Being a Sprent customer is safe and easy, our services are efficient and flexible. We are here for you.

This is how our process works

Choose whether you want to become a Sprent customer or a host to see which steps take place.

1. Fill in our form

Click on the button "become host" below to start the process.

2. Confirmation e-mail

After form completion a confirmation e-mail is sent.

3. The residence is registered

We will contact you when your housing suit one of our needs.

Contact us

For bookings or any other questions, please contact us. We speak both English and Swedish.

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Simon Ödmark

Operations manager

+4679-325 80 22

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Henrik Joutsen

Sales Manager

+4679-329 10 40

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Patrik Falk

Business Manager

+4679-329 06 12

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