Info for hosts

Do you have a housing you want to rent out?

Sprent AB cooperates with property owners and rents out homes all over the world. We are constantly looking for new partners. In these homes, we house our customers, who are in a very broad segment of professionals. We make sure that it feels safe, simple and flexible to rent out your home from start to finish.

How does it work if I want to rent out my accommodation?

The first step is to fill in the form on the website under "become host" - Where you register the information about your accommodation that is sent to us.

When we now have the information about your accommodation together with pictures, we will present it to our customers. If there is an interest, we take the next step by contacting you and presenting the rental period, number of people and other necessary information. Then it is up to you to decide whether you want to rent out your accommodation during this period.

What are the advantages of being a host at Sprent AB?

Free registration

It costs nothing to register your accommodation with us.

Safe, simple & flexible

As a host at Sprent AB, you should feel that it is safe, simple and flexible to rent out your home.

We take care of everything

We take care of rental contracts before the rental and then follow up at the move-in to make sure it goes smooth and simple.

Reliable and long-term

We investin in long-term relationships and trust with our partners to increase the chances of accomodate our customers with you.

Security and stability

The rent is paid to you as agreed by Sprent AB.